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samsung galaxy s5

created  2014/04/11
modified 2022/09/22
category hardware, info

in 2014, samsung released the previous peak phone with the s5, but it kinda fucking blows now 3:

samsung galaxy s10e
lineage os
gsm arena


the most common model you can get in europe is the G900F which you can usually find for ~50eur second hand


idk i think it's worth just buying a few and then replacing parts when you gotta, second hand price is a sixth of an s10e

spec breakdown


cheap and easy enough ubuntu touch experience
very easy to install custom rom and root
5.59" body, 5.1" AMOLED 16:9 always-on display
headphone jack, (mid) fingerprint, ir blaster, heart rate,
removable back cover
removable 2800mah battery
microsd (change without sim tool or removing battery)
usb 3 (microsd, otg, mhl 2.1)


gyro, gestures, nfc, bluetooth 4.0
wireless charging with optional thicker back panel
noticeably slow now
latest lineage os build is (actively maintained) 18.1
decent camera
dust/water resistance (IP67)


difficult to repair[1]
wider aspect ratio


1. repairability score of 5/10 from ifixit