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created  2023/07/12
modified 2024/02/04
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hey! this is sophie, the swamp witch of charleville. i like to fuck around with computers, electronics, and creating/manipulating digital media. thoughtful simplicity fascinates me, and i love learning to make sense of the physical world through fundamentals, crafting (NOT engineering), and alchemy — botany is neat too but i'm not very good at it yet

you are a spiritual being having a human experience, go meditate next to the biggest alder tree (or blåhaj) you can find


she is a young adult woman trying her best to survive through the arduous process of self-fulfillment, making only the cutest projects doing so — focusing on doing it in my own way, aiming for sophistication through simplicity, and with respect to the natural environment and all its organisms working together

i've been living life on hard mode since i rode the dinosaur. then in 2008, i came to ireland from my country of nationality hungary when i was quite small. it was for socioeconomic reasons i did not understand at the time. as of right now i've mostly just been putting together all the pieces, but learning a considerable amount on the way...

as much as i would love to have this place be a complete resource, it is far from it. there are so many untold stories, and so many more that will stay like that forever

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