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samsung galaxy s10e

created  2019/03/08
modified 2022/09/22
category hardware, info

in 2019, samsung released peak phone with the s10 series, specifically the s10e which is the smallest variant of the s10 phones. theoretically there could be a better phone, but none are available for purchase at this price

samsung galaxy s5
lineage os
gsm arena


on average you can find one unlocked second hand for ~300€, 6 times the price of a second hand s5


authorized repair replacements;
battery: 52€
*screen + battery: 216€
*screen + battery + back glass: 241€
back glass: 66€
rear camera: 102€
mic + speakers: 65€
charging port: 48€
total: 497€ for all repairs

*samsung requires authorized repair centers to replace the battery with every screen replacement

spec breakdown


louis rossman recommended 👍
5.8" hdr amoled 19:9 always-on display, tiny bezel
has apple removed features: headphone jack, fingerprint, microsd slot
usb c 3.1 with displayport output
won't be too slow or out of spec in a few or even lot of years
4.5W reverse wireless charging + 15W wireless charging
128gb ufs 2.1 6gb ram


easy enough to install a custom rom onto
sidemounted fingerprint sensor
gyro and gestures
nfc, bluetooth 5.0
60hz display
3100mah battery
15W fast charging
decent cameras, has ultrawide
dust/water resistance (IP68)


VoLTE won't work with custom rom
won't record slow motion on custom rom
warning message for unlocked bootloader on every power up