website refresh


created  2024/04/26
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updated the look of the site, for http(s) browsers anyway

if you look closely, there is a new sidebar! on widescreen desktop at least. it drew heavy inspiration from zenith's website

retiring lazymode

as i have never really used it and the code for windows was growing, i have decided to retire "lazy browsing mode" in favor of a far more complicated and useless feature. this is also because i could not be assed to repair it after it became kinda wonky with the sidebar in place, the webrings and large collection of buttons at the end of the page tripped it up (albeit manageably) too


so i've been spending a lot of time on [misskey fork] and misskey has this neat feature where you can open things in a window, not a popup or new tab, in a little iframe residing on the very page you're already looking at. i grew fond of it after using it to prevent losing my scroll position on the timeline, and have decide it to implement it on my webby site. i just thought it would look kinda cool and be kinda fun, i already

the backend code is really getting out of hand now though... definitely time for a rewrite, though there is so much content i still have to write, and so much other stuff to do. wawawawawawawa