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created  2021/07/28
modified 2023/05/31
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some of my favorite things in select categories


i can't decide between purple and green, they both have a lot of good shades and even work well together!


my favorite number is 9 because it is the biggest. a close second is 3 as 9 wouldn't exist without it.


primates, testudines, and serpentes are cool, in that order. my favorite bird would have to be the cedar waxwing.
cedar waxwing (wikipedia)


🥠 fortunes
💬 lyrics + quotes


⌚ casio F91-W

thinking sand

this section lists my favorite software/hardware and configurations thereof!

open source license

i use MIT for sake of consistency, though ISC is my overall favorite.

operating system

plan 9 is neat but i can't daily drive it unfortunately. i use fedora linux on my laptop and windows 11 on my desktop.

controller layout

the xbox controller layout is way more ergonomic then the dualshock/playstation controller layout and i will die on this hill.


the framework. currently i own a thinkpad, which are also cool laptops -- but they weren't designed to be cool, unlike the framework, which is cool from factory rather then years of hobbyist support.


in terms of android i'd love the samsung galaxy s5, but it's too slow nowadays so i am using a samsung galaxy s10e. the pinephone would be a close contender if it was more polished.
📱 galaxy s5
📱 galaxy s10e
pinephone (wikipedia)


it's just gotta be the cyberboard. i prefer cherry profile keycaps and i really like this commodore keycap set. i'm currently using gateron yellows that i poured so much effort into lubing + filming, but i think gateron ink browns would be my preference.

c64 keycaps


currently on my second razer basilisk x hyperspeed, my first broke with some sort of firmware/antenna issue. it is a cheap wireless mouse with acceptable build quality, a good sensor, and... that's about it. razer is a mid company with overpriced products, but this mouse is alright.


my favorite arists/albums/songs are not exhaustive, i like a lot of music. what i consider bangers are songs on my #country and #country-2 soundcloud playlists featuring authentic deep-cut underground country music. links here will show the platform in square brackets

#country (2020-21) [soundcloud]
#country-2 (2022-23) [soundcloud]

music player

on windows i use musicbee, i haven't been able to find one that suits my needs on any other os but i haven't really looked. on my phone i use the default vendor music app since all mobile music apps are pretty much the same garbage.

streaming service

i try to buy from bandcamp as much as possible, but for discovering new music/general listening i tend to use soundcloud. i also use spotify but only on web with an adblocker, or on mobile with a modified version through the xManager spotify patch manager


i listen to pretty much every genre, but my overall favorite would have to be hyperpop, aka. #country. #country is an inside joke between me and my friend, where i linked them a soundcloud hyperpop song that i though was good and they pointed out how it was tagged under "#Country"


zukonius, the artist formerly known as prince zuko [soundcloud]
jc foster [youtube], who also made music as;
the executive tire swing club [soundcloud]
finn [soundcloud]
look mum no computer [youtube]
guardin [youtube]
softheart [soundcloud]
-> ryan caraveo
-> cam meekins
-> oliver tree
-> t.danny


formatted as `artist - album (favorite song)`

zukonius - zuko's world (happy potions) [soundcloud]
tree - splitting branches (sacred elements) [youtube]
finn - beyond return (still winter) [bandcamp]
alexei shishkin - the dog tape (courts) [bandcamp]
softheart - well kept and easily broken (holy my weight) [bandcamp]


softheart - phosphorus [soundcloud]
guardin - alright [soundcloud]
ryan caraveo - outro [youtube]
zukonius - CL34N 5L473 [soundcloud]
artur - sweet memory [youtube]
herp albert - ladyfingers [youtube]
jc foster - KYLE [soundcloud]