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lineage os


created  2022/09/22
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the only acceptable way to run android on a phone

official website


some good phones to buy exclusively to install lineage os or lineage-based roms onto. personally i've only had the samsung s5 and s10e but i included some other popular options

📱 samsung galaxy s10e
📱 samsung galaxy s5
fxtec pro¹x
a google pixel
a fairphone
a modern xperia
a oneplus

advanced configuration


on supported devices, while you are sideloading your rom, you have the option to sideload lygisk (a fork of magisk) to root your device


remapping physical buttons

the application i prefer to do this is key mapper. if you have root you can even remap buttons with the screen powered off. i use this to remap the menu/bixby button to media play/pause

google play

systemui tuner

you can use this option to change android settings outside of the bounds of the system settings app, or options that aren't available in the system settings app. i use it to disable the left touch zone in gesture navigation so i can still swipe from the left to access the sidebar menu in certain apps

google play


you can use the internal backups provided at settings > system > backup to back up to a directory on internal storage, then sync it with syncthing


linux environment on android


basic configuration

some options in the settings app that you'd probably like to change from their defaults

system > buttons

enable long press power button for torch, a very handy feature if you don't like to carry around a dedicated flashlight but often need one quickly

disable control playback with volume buttons, this is enabled by default for some reason. when the screen is off and this option is on the volume buttons will be media forward/back buttons instead of volume


i recommend you create a do not disturb schedule. i have one from 00.00-07.00

enable hide silent notifications in status bar and enable enhanced notifications


you should disable fast charging to prolong battery life and only enable it when you're in a rush


enable link ring & notification volumes

go into media and disable pin media player

disable screen locking sound, touch sounds, charging sounds, and enable touch vibration instead


in live display change the color profile to standard to improve color accuracy, i also like to decrease the night temperature

enable double tap to wake and double tap to sleep

security, privacy

in security > screen lock (pin), enable scramble pin layout when unlocking device

in privacy, disable show password characters briefly as you type

system > status bar

under system icons i disable auto-rotate, headset, work profile, vibrate, and show low-priority notification icons

i set battery status style to text, this removes the icon that turns a distracting red when battery saver mode is on and instead only shows the battery percentage

system > gestures

enable swipe fingerprint for notifications (swipe down to open notifications, swipe up to close)

enable quickly open camera (double tap power button to open camera app)

enable one handed mode if you don't have giant gorilla hands or are often too lazy to reach up to the top of the phone

enable and set the prevent ringing shortcut (power + vol up) to vibrate instead of silent