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the conduit


created  2022/09/24
category hardware, art

(open the above image and zoom in to read it all)

this conduit is my solution to cable managing my wall mount pc in a way that looks nice and is functional

the conduit

this is the section of the conduit that holds all the cables in one place. right now there are 7 cables coming out the back of the pc but it will have to account for 5 additional cables. so in total we have to conduct these cables;

1x usb b
4x usb a
1x ethernet
2x display port
1x power switch

all of the cables will be routed through a 3d printed cable sleeve with multiple "floors"

most of these cables disappear behind either the monitors, behind the desk and plug into the wall, or go to the printer, leaving the following cables going to the platform;

- 4x usb a
- 1x power switch

the stand

the main monitor is currently on it's default stand and on top of two books right now. i would like to replace this with a metal pipe and a vesa mount on the back of the monitor, this would allow for a platform to be mounted in the middle

the platform

the monitor is a little horizontal cuboid that is mounted halfway up the stand below the monitor. the power switch and audio cables pass through straight to the right of the platform's front panel. usb 3 will go to an internal usb hub which two usb ports and an sd card slot on the left of the front panel. usb cables 1 and 2 will go out the on the top left of the platform's bottom panel. usb 4 will go to a qi wireless charging pad in the middle of the top panel

the internal usb hub has a spare port, potentially this could be for a custom esp32 ipkvm able to eg. send keystrokes or press the power button remotely