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rainmeter clicker


created  2018/08/08
modified 2024/01/08
category software

an idle game about rainmeter, as a rainmeter skin



generator script

there is a nodejs generator script included to generate all the upgrades/buildings buttons and logic from a file called upgrade.json. i don't know why i gave the values these specific names and why they are only one character in the json but i guess it made sense to me back when i was like eleven. there is also no way to see these values "in game" so you have to keep trying upgrades until you can get them

`n` — upgrade name
`i` — iterator type (points per click/points per second)
`r` — required points (cost)
`g` — gives

		"n": "Illustro Modification",
		"i": "ppc",
		"r": "10",
		"g": "1"