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created  2021/07/29
modified 2022/05/24
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some of these are lyrics from songs, some are not, these are quotes i fuck with. these are ordered based mostly on length, the fun ones though float to the top before you get more serious however.

we've got to give climate change a plant-based knuckle sandwish

jc foster (the cow goes moo)

i am such a fungi like plasmodiophora

guardin (kinda sorta)

a name is a name


what if i made a mistake just to see if you cared, cause i care

your favorite color (their way)

how could it be? i'm just playing out my part in this hypocrisy

look mum no computer (shock horror)

everybody's out to get you and you're acting like it's strange
cause being human's so peculiar you're too scared to make a change

look mum no computer (shock horror)

if medusa ran into king midas then
one would just turn into stone,
the other would turn into gold,
one is worth more, both are still cold

zukonius (Faded)

get out of town leave the coast here
it's a two day drive if we both steer
make sure to pack for the cold years
it will be just fine if we're close dear

corbis (ice boy)

all good things come to an end, that's the way it's always been
it might not seem that fair to you but it's the start of something new

tree (sacred elements)

fame in a world like this is worthless

marcus aurelius

i will not change, but i can adapt

zukonius (Zuko G is Dead)

happiness borrowed from the future to stash a thousand tears
happiness borrowed from the future but now the future here

zukonius (5CR47CH R4P II)

you're too young to be leaving and you and man up above ain't even

ryan caraveo (wallowing)

there's no love without sex, there's no drugs without death /
/ there's still love without sex, there's still drugs without death

zukonius (Prominent Polarities)

... i'm gonna live my life as a bitch,
but that's the point, get high get rich ...

zukonius (Legend Certification)

you can party anywhere if you can party on a beach this cold

jc foster (GONE)

the world is a play and life is a actors
you can be a star or a prop or an actor

zukonius (The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning)

the blobfish lives at the bottom of the sea
it is accustomed to extreme darkness and cold
down there, everything makes sense to the blobfish
but at the surface, it can't hold its shape

jc foster (the blobfish goes elsewhere)

i don't understand love, i lost my drive for sex
i won't put down the drugs it's a one way trip to death
everything i've done, is nothing like i have said
my life is in the gun so i aim it at my head
i'm stacking layers on top of layers on top of layers it's in the irony
the message that i bring is not the message that i'm following

zukonius (The Headliner)

can't you see? i was just the man who
cancelled all your plans so that you could be with me
in my dreams, we could be together
let's just say forever, baby let me leave

zukonius (Sunset in Sweden)

sperm whales have an organ in their head called the melon
it's about the size of a water melon
the melon is used to communicate emotion
without words, without whale calls
and the strange part is they seem to communicate emotion on a group level
and this sense of emotion can be so powerful that in some cases,
whale pods have been known to go together to the shore
all to wash up and die together, when only one whale is sick
i often wonder what it would be like if we had a melon

jc foster (whales)