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having a nicotine addiction sucks, so i recommend you never smoke ever, inhaling ANYTHING other than JUST AIR is HORRIBLE for your lungs and system in general. if that isn't enough of a deterrent, look up videos of 'black lungs breathing' on youtube

2024 update

i am like a month clean from all forms of nicotine \o/ still getting those bad no good craving but they're slowly dissolving away week after week...


i might have had a few drags of a cigarette for new years but i was a little drunk so that was against my better judgement. I AM NEVER SMOKING SHIT EVER AGAIN, ESPECIALLY NOT TOBACCO EW YUCK — only **maybe** that zvazaza


i got into this mess from rolling up weed with tobacco as is common here, but it's much more worth it to buy a nice strain of CBD to pad out your joints instead — this will curb your cravings for another joint, as well as avoid having to worry about nicotine ever

you can quit weed if you really want to no problem, but nicotine will take anywhere from a month to years to forget about completely depending how deep your reliance is


i have never bought a cig in my life — mostly because it is like 20€ for one pack of twenty in ireland — but plenty kind strangers will hand you one if you ask nicely or let you roll one

what i did one time is buy 30G of the nice amber leaf rolling tobacco. even the smaller pouch (compared to the 300G ones) will last a very long time as they are PACKED like a motherfucker. if you use these to pad joints exclusively and vape for daily nicotine needs one small pouch can last eons


as you know, tobacco contains over 70 substances known to cause cancer, and can unbelievably fuck up your shit if you rely on nicotine from cigarettes exclusively. vaping IS NOT a safe alternative but it is FAR LESS harmful as it only contains nicotine and a few other carcinogens, and a bit more cost effective

with that being said DO NOT START NICOTINE WITH VAPING or else you are a DUMBASS and will heavily regret it

kinds of vape

the guy at my store called the SMOK brand shit so i'd steer away from them if you can. the best vape and probably the only one you'd need is the favostix by aspire, which can get you a nasty buzz better than any cigarette while being small and lightweight

aspire favostix

you can move onto a high power vape if you really want to but it will make you sick, give you headaches, etc. until you get used to it, not to mention you will have to carry around a brick built around a heavy lithium-ion battery or two (which literally feels like a second phone in your pocket at first). you would also be spending more on liquid as you go through it much faster — i've had an aspire bp80 for a while until i literally left it somewhere in public because i wanted to go back down in power. if you smoke a pack a day you can consider a big ass vape to cut back i guess...

i stuck with aspire cause they are of deluxe iphone quality, and especially their use of plastic tanks which are significantly more durable then glass tanks found on every other big ass vape i could see in store at that time. while people i know would complain about dropping the tank glass shattering/cracking after dropping their vape, i never had such problem

anatomy of a vaporizer

the coil is a thin resistive piece of metal mesh, fused to a thick ring of cotton inside a metal cylinder, with inlets at the side for liquid to flow in, a hole in the bottom for airflow, and a hole in the top for output. the mesh is placed into the cotton percisely by a machine and you can't really fiddle with them yourself unless you know exactly what you are doing. if you exceed the power rating of the coil or use it when the tank is empty, you will 'burn' the coil and the cotton inside, producing less or almost no smoke with a significantly worse taste

it is possible to burn the coil only a little and it still be useable, but if you take more then one burnt drag you're going to have to replace said coil

the coil goes into the tank, which is filled with a substance known as ""e-liquid"". pod-style vapes have a non-replaceable coil built into the tank, this singular unit called a one "pod" is meant to be fully replaced once the coil's burnt

if you have a replaceable coil and plan to use the same tank for a very long time to save money, it is recommended to wash it out with warm water AND DRY IT COMPLETELY 100% about every other coil you put in — especially if you use a high power vape where the residue left over heavily affects the taste

if you don't dry your tank completely, you will be smoking steam which condenses in your lungs (undesirable)

elixers of nicotine

imo most liquids are shit and taste exclusively like chemicals, and the flavorings they use have an unknown effect on the human body — and damage to your system won't just be contained to your airways as the smoke goes straight into your bloodstream

i tend to stick mostly to yeti liquids which don't have that much flavor, but have plenty of nicotine. imo this is the way to go as the less shit you feel come out of your vape that isn't nicotine the better. since they are very popular they cost the full price of 6€ per 10ml bottle

if your local store has a clearance section of liquids other people don't want you can spend only 2-4€ on one bottle, they can be alright but often taste the absolute worst. most ivg and elfliq liquids, despite costing the full price, often taste like such clearance liquids and i cannot rationalize why other then people just don't care

most brands have 10mg and 20mg variants, but yeti exclusively makes 20mg — which makes them a perfect option for a low power vape