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murpe update system

created  2020/03/31
category software, info

murpe is an update system i had devised in march of 2017 to use in minin productions applications, from the archives i only have evidence of minin hub, zebra pad, and wts utilizing murpe but there may be more
minin hub
zebra pad

i forgot what it stood for soon after i named it but i can only assume it stands for Minin Update Release Platform Environment or something like that. it was hosted on a shady free hosting website

the way it works is there would be php files hosted on the server with the names of the applications, eg. 'zebrapad.php', and then an application would pass a GET parameter to the php file with the version, eg. '?ver=1.2'. then the page would report if you have the latest version of the program or not, and redirect to the download page for the program.