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created  2024/03/12
category info, text

merveilles is a counter-culture group of artists and developers, with ahem "high standards of discourse". the focus is mainly on experimental art with consideration to sustainability/the environment — as such crypto, "web3", ai, and other overcomplicated tech are heavily frowned upon for good reason. through merveilles i have met many cool people, and made good friends too! i've also learned many important lessons, which i attribute to growing up around fully-grown adults

community hub

if you'd like to be a part of the community (mastodon instance) you will have to adhere to the strict rules of only being allowed a grayscale avatar, and not posting anything depicting animal products even under content warning. the "is it true/necessary/kind" thing also gets pushed

i was part of said mastodon instance for a good four years! nowadays i find it a bit dry, the rules a bit limiting, and overall myself growing apart from the community at large. however i've instead found my place in the larger fediverse, where a young girl can express herself to the fullest extent possible! whether that is for better or for worse is yet to be seen, but so far sophie seems quite pleased with herself

the fediverse

i still am a part of the webring though! it is chokkeful of interesting websites handcrafted by real individuals. you can spend a *long* time wondering around here