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created  2022/09/22
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librewolf is what is to firefox what degoogled chromium is to chrome

official website


basically it is firefox but speeds up the configuration you have to do to get it installed if you actually want to use your browser for anything

removed experiments, built-in ads, pocket, etc.
ublock origin installed by default
privacy hardened against fingerprinting
built against latest firefox
removed google search provider
drm disabled by default (but available)
doesn't retain history + cookies by default

more features

compact mode

mozilla removed the compact density after the redesign, to add it back go to `about:config` and toggle the `browser.compactmode.show` option. now you can select it in the customize page again

useful extensions

ublock origin is installed by default :)

a two factor authenticator built right into your browser

removes tracking content from urls (eg. ?utm_source=, &utm_medium=, &utm_content=, etc.)

foss userstyle + usercss manager (like greasemonkey for css)

return youtube dislike
adds the dislike count back to youtube

a crowdsourced effort to skip sponsors in youtube videos just like ads