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lazy mode


created  2022/09/11
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press ESC to toggle on any page on zvava.org

tl;dr it kinda makes it like if you were on a phone emulator

@zvava@merveilles.town: lazy browsing mode #theWorkshop


i wanted to see if i could somewhat gamify the process of browsing this website (or other websites)

it is intended for desktop users to not have to percisely click each link and slowly scroll through content with the mouse, though you can activate this on mobile too if you have a physical keyboard connected


the cursor has velocity as if you were pointing a lazer pointer at the screen, you can also click + drag to scroll, or use the mouse wheel as normal

your scroll position also has velocity and you can under/overscroll a tiny bit with elasticity

links are now focused on proximity. instead of only highlighting a link when the mouse is over it, the closest link to the cursor is highlighted for a "looser" navigation feel idk. clicking opens the closest highlighted link, you may cancel a click by dragging

some additional css is activated to disable poiner events and user selection, as well as adding a little shadow to the top and bottom edges of the screen