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cookie clicker fortunes

created  2022/05/29
modified 2023/07/12
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in cookie clicker, there is a heavenly upgrade called "Fortune cookies". once unlocked, they will make random fortunes appear in the new ticker which, when clicked, unlock a special upgrade. fortunes 1 through 18 are each related to a building, providing a 7% boost in production and a 7% reduction in price

cookie clicker wiki

i find some of these fortune messages pretty interesting, my favorites are listed here:

The seeds of tomorrow already lie within the seeds of today.

fortune #003 (farms)

True worth is not in what you find, but in what you make.

fortune #005 (factories)

The value of money means nothing to a pocket.

fortune #006 (banks)

Not all guides deserve worship.

fortune #007 (temples)

Every mile travelled expands the mind by just as much.

fortune #009 (shipments)

Don't get used to yourself. You're gonna have to change.

fortune #010 (alchemy labs)

Do your future self a favor; they'll thank you for it.

fortune #012 (time machines)

The world is made of what we put into it.

fortune #013 (antimatter condensers)

Staring at a dazzling light can blind you back to darkness.

fortune #014 (prisms)

Don't leave to blind chance what you could accomplish with deaf skill.

fortune #015 (chancemakers)

It's good to see yourself in others. Remember to see yourself in yourself, too.

fortune #016 (fractal engines)

If things aren't working out for you, rewrite the rules.

fortune #017 (javascript consoles)

There's plenty of everyone, but only one of you.

fortune #018 (idleverses)

The smartest way to think is not to think at all.

fortune #019 (cortex bakers)

No matter how hard you try, you're never truly alone.

fortune #020 (you)

True wealth is counted in gifts.

fortune #100
upgrades and buildings cost -1%, you gain +1% cookies per second

Don't believe the superstitions; all cats are good luck.

fortune #103
you gain more cookies per second the more milk you have