ervin krusniczky

about me

ervin "danger" krusniczky
tullamore, offaly, ireland
node.js, php, c#, java, c/c++
UI/UX + pure js, html, and css


organization name type date
Coolest Projects Game & Web Games (Senior) Winner 5th of May, 2019
Tullamore College Certificate of Excellence Winner 21th of May, 2019
Local Enterprise Office Offaly Most Enterprising Student Nominee 17th of April, 2018

my top 5 projects

# language project description
1 node, web manex a matrix client focused on customizability and functionality
2 web irrumabo an eductional physics simulation game, based on matter.js
3 node llamabot a multipurpose discord bot written in js using discord.js
4 c# flexscript an old programming language project that I rewrote in csharp
5 n/a llamechat github organization for llamechat standards and examples

projects I have contributed to

language project description
css customa the customa project is creating custom themes for your favorite platforms
c++ ruota ruota is a high-level, abstract, weakly-typed, interpretted langauge