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some of my favorite things. big up to all my lurkers/internet stalkers out there 🙌 you the real ones. this section covers basic conversation-starter type questions.


i can't decide between purple and green, they both have a lot of good shades and even work well together!


my favorite number is 9 because it is the biggest. a close second is 3 as 9 wouldn't exist without it.


primates, testudines, and serpentes are cool, in that order. my favorite bird would have to be the cedar waxwing.

thinking sand

this section lists my favorite software/hardware and configurations thereof!

open source license

i use MIT for sake of consistency, though ISC is my overall favorite.

operating system

plan 9.

controller layout

the xbox controller layout is way more ergonomic then the dualshock/playstation controller layout and i will die on this hill.


the framework. currently i own a thinkpad, which are also cool laptops -- but they weren't designed to be cool, unlike the framework, which is cool from factory rather then years of hobbyist support.


the samsung galaxy s5, it has every feature i want at the size i want. the only two downsides is the fact it doesn't have usb c and the front camera is very bad. the pinephone would be a close contender if it was more polished.


the cyberboard. i prefer cherry profile keycaps. i don't know what my favorite switch/switch type is, mostly because i don't have the money to buy a switch tester just to find out.


still searching for a good one... the logitech g604 is too heavy and died on me after a year, so i got a refund instead of a replacement. my trusty microsoft mobile wireless mouse 4000s both started degrading heavily (in terms of the plastics and functionality) after a few years after i got them well. my ideal mouse would be durable/accurate, low latency wireless, fit my large hand under 100g, have a stepped scrollwheel with support for sidescrolling, and have forward/back side buttons. is that too much to ask?


my favorite arists/albums/songs are not exhaustive, i like a lot of music. some of my favorite songs are on my #country (which doesn't just contain #country music) soundcloud playlist. i will consider writing blog posts about what some of these artists/albums/songs mean to me eventually.

music player

on windows i use musicbee, i haven't been able to find one that suits my needs on any other os but i haven't really looked. on my phone i use the default vendor music app since all mobile music apps are pretty much the same garbage.

streaming service

i try to buy from bandcamp as much as possible, but for discovering new music/general listening i tend to use soundcloud.


hyperpop, aka. #country. #country is an inside joke between me and my friend, where i linked them a soundcloud hyperpop song that i though was good and they pointed out how it was tagged under "#Country"



a list of my favorite albums followed by my favorite song off the album



refer to quotes.