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hi, i am sophia krusniczky (she/her) but i sometimes go by zvava or névtelen (they/them) in some corners of the internet. i'm currently based in tullamore, co. offaly, ireland. you can email me at zvava@disroot.org for any inquiries, i am also active on discord (@zvava#0440) and on mastodon (@zvava@merveilles.town)

sophia is not my legal name. if you require my legal name, my phone number, or other similar pesonal details, please contact me through any contact method listed above and provide a valid reason for why this information is needed


i am kind of a polymath and have experience with many different skillsets. for now refer to this list for a basic outline of what i can do; (i have no degree/certification in any listed item unless specified otherwise)

TODO: add examples of work in each area


todo... for now refer to this list of names i have worked for and things i have done for them; (later i would like to actually have a showcase not just 'belive me look at these names' lol)


awards and nominations i have gotten in the past.


organization name type date
Coolest Projects Game & Web Games (Senior) Winner 5th of May, 2019
Tullamore College Certificate of Excellence Winner 21st of May, 2019
Local Enterprise Office Offaly Most Enterprising Student Nominee 17th of April, 2018


i think everything i am able to make open source, is. here are some of my favorite projects that i have had a part in;


language project description
node, web manex a matrix client focused on customizability and functionality
web irrumabo an educational physics simulation game, based on matter.js
node llamabot a multipurpose discord bot written in js using discord.js
c# flexscript an old programming language project that i rewrote in csharp
n/a llamechat llamechat toy communication standard specification

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