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[project] Sun, 05 Apr 2020 16:18:16 GMT

from april 3rd through april 5th, the people over at merveilles hosted an interactive art jam on the mastodon fediverse. the rules were: it had to be black and white, it had to be interactive, and it had to be five minutes long and under 5mb. it was recommended to use hypercard 2.4 on a macintosh plus/ii.

i started off by translating a 3D engine i made on codepen in javascript to hypertalk, i didn't get to implementing backface culling and shading though. (not enough time) to make it interactive i added a short spooky/"horror-like" story that isn't really good but i mean i can't really do anything cool in 3D as i need to make the models by each vertex and face plus it take forever to render at original speed.

in the folder of .dsks linked below, backup6_trapping_finished_final_final_final.dsk is the release you should play.